[2] I've missed one day, so it's already not daily.
My main route of learning will be based on the web development roadmap from github. I was going to do only the back-end part but going quickly over the front-end shouldn't take that much time, so I'm doing both. Since I already know some Ruby it'd be a waste to not use it. I've decided that while learning web development I'll make some projects with RoR as well. For the first week or two I'll work with the Hartl book. As for the web development roadmap, I'll work today on the html part and update later. 15 Dec 2018, Sat.

[1] I want to learn web development. I'll update here (hopefully daily) all my struggles.
I was learning web development with Ruby on Rails few years ago (back when RoR was relevant) but it's a "Spanish after a 3 year course in high school" kind of a situation. Now I'll start anew with Javascript. I think a web developer should know at least some JS either way, so might as well go with it. 13 Dec 2018, Thu.